Collection: Phono Cartridges Australia

Many vinyl lovers have the benefit of today's technology in having a fine tolerance 2 bearing tonearm with great record groove tracking on their recently acquired quality turntable.These usually come with an acceptable cartridge/stylus.Playing vinyl unlike other formats has opportunities to further envelop yourself even more in that magic atmospheric sound.We stock a range of cartridge upgrades from brands such as Ortofon,Rega and Audio Technica that will have you playing your albums again and again with more detail,sweetness and richer full-bodied sound.Of course older turntables can also be brought to life with a cartridge upgrade.

Often confused as the needle, turntable cartridges actually convert vibrations from the needle into electrical signals, which are amplified and fed back to us through our speakers. So, this is where all the magic begins. These days there are two main types of cartridge: moving magnet (MM) and moving coil (MC).  Moving magnet cartridges are the most common form of cartridge. They allow you to replace the stylus and are suitable for any stereo phono stage. The Moving Coil cartridge, on the other hand, is a lighter weight cartridge. This allows for better tracking and provides a more accurate reproduction. MC cartridges have a warmer, more dynamic sound but are typically recommended for higher-end turntables.

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