Errors and changes of site content

We reserve the right to make changes to pricing, product content and sundry specifications at any time without prior notice. Although we excercise utmost vigilance in providing you with the correct technical information, pricing and freight costs etc, errors can still occur from time to time.

Should you place an order for an item that was either described incorrectly or
mis-priced, we will notify you immediately prior to shipping. Your order will automatically be cancelled and any monies immediately refunded.

Occasionally, we may not have the item "in house" at the time an order is placed. In this case, we will order it form our supplier and this may delay shipping. Or we will ask our suppliers to ship direct to you (our customer) to try and save time.

In the event that something has been ordered or sent out incorrectly, we require the goods back before we ship out the correct item.

In the case that you have purchased or has been purchased on your behalf and want to return it as you don't want it or had a "change of heart" It will be up to management to approve and there will be a 20% re-stocking fee, less postage and handling fee's.

Please accept that although we always aim to do our very best for you and prefer not to incur these kinds of errors in the first place, we have to admit we are only human and can sometimes get it wrong. We are hereby notifying you of our right to cancel any transaction, for whatever reason, at our discretion.

Due to an increase in fraudulent transactions with credit card payments, (fraudsters are obtaining credit card numbers from when they are not the holder of the credit card), if placing an order on our website using a credit card, we request you also email an actual image of the credit card used to security@vinylrevival.com.au. Please make sure the scanned image is clear and legible. We encourage you to blank out the middle numbers and allow us to see the first and last four numbers. We do need to see expiry and your name.

If you are unsure about something or feel uncomfortable please don't hesitate to contact us via email or phone 03 9419 5070.

Gift Cards, Gift Vouchers

Gift cards or vouchers have a 36 month (3 years) expiry from date of purchase. This law was brought in from the 1st of November 2019 to protect us all. 

If the card has an earlier expiry date written on it and is sold after this date, you will still get the mandatory three-year period. Also If the voucher is for $300 and you spend $200 at Vinyl Revival you will be issued another voucher for the outstanding $100. No further cash/credit card refund.

Thank you for understanding