Collection: Melbourne ProJect Audio Turntable

Leading suppliers of turntables, with a range of models designed to satisfy all levels of expectation and budget. ProJect turntables exhibit sonic performance beyond all expectations normally associated with their price. Pro-Ject turntables are simple to use, maintenance free and will function reliably a lifetime long while offering extraordinary value for money. 

ProJect Audio was almost singlehandedly at the forefront of the revival of the turntable in the early 1990's. As a young Austrian Hi-Fi company Pro-Ject was dedicated to one thing: vinyl. Their turntable designs allowed the music listener to experience at a budget price high fidelity analogue sound previously reserved for those with a substantial budget. Their budget turntables sound better than a CD player.

Upon its launch in 1999, the ProJect Debut was an instant hit. It’s attainability at a very cheap price no doubt inspired people to dust off some of their old records, and has been accredited with playing a part in the current vinyl revival.The ProJect Debut Carbon turntable has been a world famous ground breaking go-to deck for those vinyl lovers who want to take advantage of modern technology bringing the atmospheric sound of vinyl to all at a very affordable price.

 All ProJect turntables are produced from scratch, by hand and in house. From the tiniest screw to the chassis, everything is done by technicians. A strict four step quality control ensures that everything works as intended. From their entry-level E-Line through their Debut range, their Classic line and all the way to their top-end Signature line their mission statement is to bring the atmospheric world of playing vinyl to music listeners with varying budgets with exceptional quality and value. They also provide a beautiful aesthetic with high gloss or timber finishes.