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Few names in audio boast the kind of lineage Klipsch do. Their founder, Paul W. Klipsch, first began tinkering with speaker technology from the bowels of a tiny tin shed in Hope, Arkansas about seventy years ago, and in 1945 the mad scientist developed his very first patent. Since then, Klipsch have established themselves as a dominant force in the loudspeaker market. It’s their “no bullshit” approach to audio that helps separate Klipsch from its competitors, and that intolerance for crap resonates throughout each of their offerings. But it’s the Heritage range that really shines above the rest. Still hand built in Hope, the pride of this collection – Klipschorn Floorstanding Speaker – is the only speaker in the world to have been in continuous production for over seventy years. And with that sort of pedigree it’s difficult to imagine choosing another brand of loudspeaker.