Fitzroy Store at Vinyl Revival

Welcome to Vinyl Revival, Fitzroy.

Bohemia, Bars and Band rooms.

Welcome to ‘Boho Ground Zero,’ vinyl junkies. Melbourne’s first official suburb, and once the city’s workers quarters, is now home to a healthy dose of bohemian culture, band rooms, and more bars than the cell door of a Supermax. Fitzroy has long been regarded as one of Melbourne’s most creative precincts, playing host to a range of festivals, street artists, exhibitions and live gigs. It’s also home to The Vinyl Belt, a tight cluster of records stores at the lower end of Brunswick St and precisely where you’ll find Vinyl Revival.

From entry-level to audiophile, our flagship Fitzroy store is home to a premium range of integrated amplifiers, valve amplifiers, bookshelf speakers and belt-driven turntables. Need all the bits but don’t know where to start? A large selection of our online packages are in store and available for demonstration. For those in need of something a little more compact, the fireplace is surrounded with the minimalism of our active speaker range. There’s also a serious collection of both classic and contemporary LPs for sale. From Tay Tay to ToTo, we’re stocking all the latest as well as the greatest. Plus, every conceivable upgrade, accessory and cleaning product is catered for.

We’re proud of our little home, with its rich history of misfits, outcasts and radicals. All you need do is step back a block from the main drag on Brunswick St and look up at the old factory warehouses – now New York styled open-plan apartments – to be transported back to the days of early industrial Melbourne. You’ll find us at the lower end of Brunswick St wedged between the block print fabrics of Maven and Kit and Fitzroy’s finest furniture bizarre, Mark Denver. Come explore all the best audio equipment for your precious vinyl collection and pick up a new record or two while you’re at it. Proudly serving up Melbourne’s finest selection of analogue HiFi equipment from the city’s coolest location.

 Email: info@vinylrevival.com.au

Phone: (03) 9419 5070


Opening hours:

Tues - Sat: 10am - 5pm