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Tellurium Q is a company set up some 20 years ago in the UK by its founder and current CEO Geoff Merrigan. Along with his trusted “ears of first resort” Simon Lomax, the critical impetus is to combat phase distortion, a detrimental factor inherent in all audio electronics, including network players, CD players, amplifiers, loudspeakers, cables etc. The best way to think about this factor is to imagine the sound being a photograph, which becomes more and more “out of focus” as it’s sent from device to device. A cable’s job therefore is to convey the signal without introducing these “blurring” elements.

What sets Tellurium Q apart is that their products achieve superb results usually attributed to far more expensive variants out there. As a result, they have been the recipients of many awards and enthusiastically lauded by preeminent audio critics worldwide. It would simply be folly to ignore them, especially if your bank balance is of concern.What makes our work at Stereophonic fun is when the staff become enthused by something. Our main impetus and motivation is always “the music”. When a product comes along that not only sounds good, but represents real quality and value for money, we get excited!


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