Collection: Rega Phono Stage Australia

World famous for their turntable designs since being founded in 1973,  Rega  expanded into the electronics arena in the 1990s with the introduction of their integrated amplifier and their phono preamplifier ranges. Regas phono stage range are multi-award winning products that enhance the turntable performance with low noise and low distortion, essential when amplifying  such low level signals. As with their turntable designs they have received accolades for their electronics with consistent best in category and product of the year awards across their range. Rega don't spend one penny on marketing instead channelling those funds into research and development. The results speak for themselves with products  that have a sonic character that delivers a fast, agile sound that’s rhythmically surefooted with the emphasis on rhythm with a combination of impressive timing, space and dynamics. There’s an addictive sense of liveliness and energy, and Rega's electronics demonstrate authority and scale seldom heard in their price categories. Their electronics are designed and built in their UK facility. The build quality is as solid as we expect from Rega, and while the casework is functional rather than luxurious, it’s finished neatly and everything feels like it will last for years.