Collection: Melbourne Rega Planar

Rega have been designing and building turntables in their UK facility since 1973. They have won more awards than any other turntable manufacturer in history for their accuracy in reproducing music. There is good reason with their attention to detail with hand selection of the precision bearings in their turntables and hand assembly of their tonearms that ensure excellent tracking of the record groove to extract all the nuances and energy of the music.

Rega turntables have a body in their sound and a real analogue warmth. The combination of accuracy and a skill for knitting together the different strands in the music is displayed with expertise on all Rega turntables. With a Rega turntable there's scale, and a surprising dose of authority. Large-scale dynamic shifts are delivered with enthusiasm while shifts of a subtler variety are handled with finesse. On the Rega, the vinyl, is more emotionally compelling, better focused, better nuanced harmonically, keeps your attention longer, and provides a much bigger, airier picture. The music’s message and its emotional content are communicated with utmost clarity. Sound quality is absolutely astonishing for the price. Few turntables in their relevant price categories can render a record so faithfully as the Rega Planar range does. This is about toe-tapping musicality and transparency.