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Technics SL-1210GEG-K Grand Class Direct Drive Turntable Black

Technics SL-1210GEG-K Grand Class Direct Drive Turntable Black

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Technics SL-1210GEG-K Grand Class Direct Drive Turntable in Black

The SL-1210G Grand Class Turntable has a four-layer cabinet structure for rigidity and a high-quality look and feel, a coreless direct drive motor, a three-layered platter for smooth and stable performance, and a high-sensitivity tonearm.

Direct Drive Coreless Motor

Traditional analogue turntables have issues with sound quality degradation brought on by things like rotational irregularity known as "cogging" and minute speed vibration. Cogging is eliminated with the SL1210G thanks to the usage of a newly created coreless direct-drive motor that has no iron core. Additionally, the twin-rotor design lowers the bearing load while maintaining high torque as well as minimising minute vibrations that occur during rotation. These elements allow for the warm, exquisitely detailed sound engraved on analogue records to be reproduced.

Technology for High-Precision Motor Control

High-starting torque and high-speed stability are achieved by using motor control technology created for Blu-ray players and adjusting the drive mode based on the motor's operating status.

Turntable Platter with three layers

The platter of the turntable, which is made of tightly coupled die-cast brass and aluminium, has three layers of construction. Its entire back surface is covered in deadening rubber, which reduces unwanted resonance and increases rigidity and vibration dampening. This provides more than twice the inertial mass of the SL-1200MK5, smooth rotational stability, and inertial mass over the SP-10MK2, the direct-drive turntable standard utilised by broadcast stations worldwide.

Superior Balance Correction

Uneven turntable weight distribution results in excessive vibration or noise generated during spinning, which lowers sound quality. As a result, after the turntable is put together, the balance of every component is changed at the factory using specialised, high-precision balance adjustment equipment. A sticker that reads "BALANCED" is placed on the turntable to identify it as having undergone adjustment.

High-sensitive Tonearm

Magnesium, a lightweight material with a high damping effect, is used in the tonearm, and cold drawing improves the material's properties and achieves the necessary high precision. Additionally, by using high-precision bearings with a cut-processed housing and the classic Technics gimbal suspension architecture with the horizontal and vertical rotation axes meeting at a single central point, exceptional initial-motion sensitivity is achieved.

Building a cabinet with four layers

The SL-1200MK5 has been upgraded from its former three-layered design of aluminium die-cast, BMC, and heavyweight-class rubber to include a top panel of immaculate, 10-mm-thick, hairline-processed aluminium. This four-layered structure combines a high degree of stiffness with a luxurious look and feel.

Superior Terminals

The combination of ground connections and phono terminals with brass-milled, gold-plated plating prevents the loss of sound quality while making it simple to connect and disconnect cables. Additionally, the case's interior metal shielding design lessens the impact of outside noise.

Product Features

  • Coreless High-precision Motor Control for Optimal Rotation Conditions with a Direct-Drive Motor
  • Exploring Characteristics of Rigidity and Vibration Damping
  • High Initial-Motion Sensitivity by the Tonearm
  • Sound and appearance-quality terminals of the highest calibre
  • High-damping and High-rigidity Body Insulators made of silicon for quiet sound and vibration isolation
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