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ProJect Debut PRO S Turntable with Pick It S2 C Cartridge

ProJect Debut PRO S Turntable with Pick It S2 C Cartridge

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ProJect Debut PRO S

...The Debut Pro, reimagined

ProJect turntables demand conscious music listening. The Debut PRO S takes this philosophy to the extreme. All parts except for the polished spindle in matte black.

The manual controls invite the listener to interact with the turntable: turn it on, place the record on the platter, move and lower the tonearm. The musical reward follows the tactile experience. No unnecessary switches, LEDs, or labeling distract from what is essential.

10" S-Shape Tonearm

This super stiff and uniquely dampened aluminium tonearm ensures perfect tracking of the record groove.

Deeply Driven

The electronically regulated synchronous motor drives the platter and guarantees the most accurate and stable speeds. Change between them easily with the toggle switch. With the supplied round belt for 78 rpm you can also listen to your shellac records.

A New Platter – A Deeper Dish

The die-cast aluminium platter has been reworked and precision balanced in pursuit of an perfectly-spinning platter. It is anti-magnetic, which allows moving coil cartridges to operate without interference.

The anti-magnetic heavy aluminium platter has a ring made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) on the inside that helps to dampen all resonances and minimises wow and flutter. The included Record Puck E provides an extra level of damping and stability.

Azimuth & VTA Adjustment

The newly designed tonearm base allows you to adjust both the azimuth and the vertical tracking angle (VTA). The tonearm height can be continuously adjusted by loosening the two grub screws. These settings give you the option of adapting the tonearm to height changes allowing the use of different turntable mats or other cartridges in aid of your mission to find the best sound for you. Setting and experimenting with the VTA & azimuth is crucial in extracting every last bit of performance out of your cartridges.

Metal Feet

The three height-adjustable damped aluminium feet guarantee the perfect base & significantly reduce acoustic feedback.

Platter Material
Die cast aluminium with TPE damping

Length 10.00 inches
Material Aluminium

Shipping Height - 0.24m
Shipping Width - 0.48m
Shipping Depth - 0.40m
Shipping Weight - 7.5kg

*Reprint from Manufacturers website

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