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The Harbeth company was founded forty years ago in England to commercialise the BBC's loudspeaker R&D. A great start, but only the first step of their journey towards perfect sound. Today's Harbeth loudspeakers are much more transparent, more vivid, more dynamic, more open and more real because the enabling technology - such as their exclusive RADIAL™ cone technology - has made that possible.

The Harbeth family ranges from the compact bookshelf P3ESR right up to the mighty flagship Monitor 40.2 loudspeaker.Resolution is a feature of the material science of the drive units. It's that important. Harbeth have a long history in speaker diaphragm revolution, and consequently no equal in sonic transparency.Loudspeaker design and manufacture, rather like the crafting of musical instruments, is a particular combination of art and science.

There are a hundred or so piece parts that combine onto a finished loudspeaker, and all of these are hand assembled by experts.Harbeth cabinets are handmade and feature the finest veneers,and all breathe with the world famous, open, natural, Harbeth sound.Breathtaking transparency, real bass, and fantastic holographic imaging give the Harbeth range grand, captivating, transparent sound.

Harbeth really delivers ultimate listening fulfilment. Welcome to natural sound at home. Prepare to relive your entire music collection!

Harbeth Speakers. Made in the UK.

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