Collection: ProJect Audio Hi-fi Components

Believe it or not, Pro-Ject Audio is about more than just vinyl! They have a big range of hi-fi components. Spanning from classic phono stages to full-fledged streaming equipment, the Box Design range of hi-fi gear is built with the same focus on passionate and honest reproduction of music. 

Under the name of Box Design ProJect Audio manufacture a range of micro hi-fi components such as Amps, CD Transports, Phono Stages, Streaming Devices and more.By shrinking the cabinets to a miniature size, they are able to save costs and offer a true price to performance relation. With modern digital technology and SMD circuit boards, you can minimise the size of outer casing without losing performance quality. On the other hand big boxes make products unnecessarily expensive.The interior circuit design consists of the latest state-of-the-art technologies and will satisfy the high expectations of any advanced hi-fi music lover.

With ProJect Audio's DS2 range optional side panels, made from European wood, are perfectly aligned and matched to the finish of their woodgrain turntables. The machined aluminum buttons have the same finish as the housing, giving the products a high class appearance never before seen in this price range.The DS2 series is the ideal choice for delving deeper into high-end audio playback in a moderately size format with a beautiful, long-lasting enclosure.