A little about Vinyl Revival..-Vinyl Revival

A little about Vinyl Revival..

Some time around the 90’s the local music store was all but completely wiped out and replaced by major retail chains found only in halogen-drenched shopping centres, and a cold uniformity was introduced to the purchasing end of the music industry. To the detriment of a medium that has always held such a warm place in the hearts of people the world round, somewhere during the introduction of all those digital one’s and zero’s the most crucial elements of the local music store were lost.

Music lover’s from both sides of the sales counter were callously rebranded either consumers or retail staff members; things like passion and knowledge were replaced by cheap labour and tacky uniforms; and you, the most important element of the music industry, were no longer taken into account.

Vinyl Revival isn’t simply an attempt to embrace the public’s resurgent love for vinyl records, it’s our bid to take back the way music enthusiasts purchase and refine their love for music. We want to know who you are, what you listen to, how you listen to it, and help you enjoy this most beloved art form as much as we do. Your passion is our passion, and our entire team are dedicated to rekindling that warm feeling we all once shared for our local music store.
Welcome to the Vinyl Revival, folks. Happy listening!

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