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Founded in 1990 by Heinz  Lichtenegger, Pro-Ject Audio Systems set out to make quality analogue audio products at the most affordable price possible. At a time when CD had cemented itself as the preferred format by the broader commercial market, and with Napster’s digital revolution less than a decade away, it was a bold move. However, now, after 25 years of production and with the Vinyl Revival in full swing, Pro-Ject has established itself as the global market leader of turntable manufacturing.

Right from the very beginning Heinz had a vision of producing affordable turntables using only the highest quality materials. Materials such as timber, glass, metal, and carbon fibre – materials not found in the products of their cheaper competitors – are essential to Pro-Ject’s philosophy of ‘Affordable Luxury’. In addition to the material quality of Pro-Ject’s turntables is the fact that each and every one is handmade, from scratch, by experienced turntable artisans in their Czech factory.
While affordable hand-made products using high-grade materials is important to both the durability of each table and it’s audio quality, Heinz realised that the visual elements of analogue audio were at the core of listener’s experience. Turntables not only need to sound good, they need to look good too. It’s important to Heinz – and Pro-Ject Audio – that their turntables be affordable, of the highest manufacturing grade using only the best materials, and that they become the centrepiece of any home audio display.
Thanks to this core philosophy, Pro-Ject Audio Systems have recently collaborated with the artists like The Beatles and Rolling Stones to create a range of limited edition decks, including the Sgt. Peppers, Yellow Submarine and George Harrison players. In addition to pop artist collaborations was another with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, producing the 175VPO RECORDPLAYER. This souped up The Classic record player is the first ever audiophile turntable designed by the ears of artists themselves. Not only that, it is also the first turntable in the world fashioned from the materials found in musical instruments. The metal chassis is based on the brass instruments of the orchestra, the finger lift from a clarinet flap. There are only 175 of the turntables in the world, each with the owners own name engraved on a gold plaque to uniquely tailor each bespoke piece to the owner.
Collaborations aside, it’s Pro-ject’s extensive use of timber veneer, high gloss and carbon fibre finishes that make them stand head and shoulders above the competition, each Pro-Ject piece a beautiful audio furnishing for the home. This commitment to high-end audio using high-quality materials and stunning finishes is one that has cemented Pro-Ject Audio Systems as the world’s reference entry-level turntable.
In conjunction with their burgeoning Turntable collection, Pro-Ject Audio – under the moniker of Box Design – also produce an extensive range of micro hi-fi components, including amplifiers, phono stages, DACs, and loudspeakers. Their micro components are designed to produce audiophile quality at a fraction of the cost, providing high quality audio in both analogue and digital.