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405 BRUNSWICK ST FITZROY (03) 9419 5070

    ProJect Acryl-It Platter

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    Upgrade your Debut Carbon or Xpression turntable to the Esprit standards with the Acryl-it platter.
    Acryl-It is made from acrylic with satinised surface and brings a more liquid sound that leaves no space for platter resonances.

    The ProJect Acryl-It platter reduces dust and static to an absolute minimum. By nature acrylic is lighter and has properties similar to vinyl. The acrylic platter uses no mat so the vinyl will couple directly to the platter.Placing the lp on the platter without a mat will not scratch or do harm and you can leave the platter spinning while changing lps.

    There are sonic qualities to the Acryl-It platter. The noise floor is dramatically lower and bass articulation is greatly improved. You can follow individual bass notes much more easily than before, and the music comes from an almost silent background.The acrylic platter is a worthwhile addition to a already great deck and you'll hear more into the music. There are non-sonic improvements, as well. No more static pops from lifting the record off that lousy felt mat.

    To get an even better improvement out off the acrylic platter you can use a ProJect Clamp-It record clamp. This will sandwich the record to the platter.

    • Suitable for all Debut and 1Xpression models  

    • Substitutes metal platter  

    • Inert material avoids resonances  

    • Dent for label implemented  

    • Ideal for use with Clamp it  

    • Audiophile sound tuning  

    • Optical upvaluation  

    Functional and easy to use sound improvement!   

    The change is easily made: just exchange your metal platter for Acryl it. Unlike metal platters, where you will need to place a felt met between record and platter to damp metal resonance, you can put your record directly on the acrylic surface, with nothing in between. Acryl it is able to improve overall performance significantly!