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MON - SAT 10-5PM / SUNDAY 12-3PM / (03) 9419 5070 OR (03) 9448 8635

ProJect Cork-it Record Mat



 Sound tuning through replacement of platter mat!  


The kind of turntable mat that you use can have a big influence on how your turntable sounds. A good phono cartridge is sensitive to the interaction between a vinyl record and the surface of your turntable platter.

The ProJect Cork-it mat has excellent damping characteristics, designed primarily for users of metal platters though also perfectly suited for use with glass platters. It’s thick and relatively smooth to the touch, with a label recess in 1 side. Records placed on the mat feel more stable, and static is never an issue.

Common felt mats provide a smooth contact between record and platter, but they have the disadvantage of holding static electricity, which attracts dust that can end up on our record and causes audible clicks and pops when you play your music. Their damping ability is very limited, which can cause a problem with resonant metal platters.

Thick rubber turntable mats actually over-damp the record. They can have an excessive isolation effect, which leaves the static on the record, again leading to clicks and pops.

Sound wise with the Cork-It, the noise floor is lower; allowing detail to rise to the surface. The mats natural anti-static properties also help to further reduce noise; far fewer pops and clicks were encountered with the cork-it mat in place. The bass is  more musical, and there’s a slithy sparkle to the high-end that was lacking previously, as a result of less overdamping of the record itself.

In summary; the Pro-Ject cork-it is an inexpensive and effective turntable accessory. Users of felt and / or rubber mats should give this one a try; you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

• Alternative platter mats with special sound characteristics  

• Substitutes felt mats  

• Damping of resonances from metal turntable platters  

• Less noise  

• Avoids static load  

• Suitable for all turntables  

• Perfect combined with Clamp it