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For over 50 years Cambridge Audio has been refining their technologies in their quest to truly reproduce "The British Sound".The first question that comes to mind is what is "The British Sound"?Cambridge Audio believe it is audio in its purest form.....not "mucking about" with the sound at all.Their aim is to reproduce the sound as it was intended when the artists laid the tracks down in the recording studio.

The 1960's was an important era of experimentation by artists in the recording studio as much as it was also of young engineers,tired of not hearing the sound as it was recorded started designing hi-fi equipment that went closer to giving the music listener more of the detail and depth of the original recording.In the studio artists such as The Beatles and their legendary producer,Sir George Martin,were experimenting with exploring the limits of sound recording with different effects.The British made recording consoles also helped establish"The British Sound".The Americans loved adding chunky bass to their sound whilst the Far East loved to boost the midrange to enhance the vocals."The British Sound" tried to minimise adding anything to the original recording.

Cambridge Audio was born amongst the British design and manufacturing growth in the 1960's that took up the mantle of reproducing the quality of these recordings through affordable hi-fi equipment.Their first ever product ,the P40 amplifier went down in history as being the first amplifier to use a toroidal transformer as the power supply or "engine" of the amplifier.The toroidal transformer went on to become a standard component inside almost every hi-end amplifier since then because it is exceptionally effective at providing the current that delivers the dynamics of the music to the listener.