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405 BRUNSWICK ST FITZROY (03) 9419 5070
    ProJect Tube Box S Phono Pre Amplifier....The Warmth Of Valves-Vinyl Revival

    ProJect Tube Box S2 Phono Pre Amplifier - The Warmth Of Valves

    To many in the world of music listening it is well known that valve amplifiers are returning due to the warmth of their sound being rediscovered. One of the reasons for the resurgence in vinyl and turntable sales is that people are embracing the warmth of the analogue sound after enduring the compressed harsh sound of MP3.

    The valve output stage of ProJect's Tube Box S2 brings audiophile grade components to music listeners at a very affordable price. ProJect, a company famous for bringing affordable high fidelity turntables to the market and substantially contributing to the vinyl revival, have brought their affordable design to valve phono preamplifiers. The sonic quality of the Tube Box S2 is extremely musical with an impressively wide soundstage that makes full use of stereo imaging and is supremely detailed. There's a real openness to the sound,too. It provides a well balanced performance that incorporates sweet fluid midrange dynamics that are handled well, with subtlety and accuracy.

    If you are looking to upgrade your vinyl enjoyment, the ProJect Tube Box S2 could surprise and enhance the sweetness of the vinyl listening experience. Or if you are just entering the atmospheric world of playing records, the ProJect Tube Box S2 will help complete a wonderful music listening experience.

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