Audio Technica Bluetooth Turntable - Cut The Cord-Vinyl Revival

Audio Technica Bluetooth Turntable - Cut The Cord

Audio Technica has cut the cord and allowed you to listen to the amazing sound of vinyl in any room you wish. You can set up your turntable in one room and listen to in another. The AT-LP60x BT allows you to use it like a normal turntable, but it can also be used with any wireless device that utilises Bluetooth wireless technology.  Alternately, you can still wire the LP60x BT up to an existing system in the traditional way.

The LP60x BT is fully automatic turntable which means that you need only to press one button to start play. As well as this, at the end of the record it will automatically lift up and return the arm to rest. No need for you to intervene. A tonearm lift button is also included to let you raise or lower the arm without stopping the turntable.

Audio Technica has been a leader in cartridge design for more than 50 years and the LP60x BT comes with one of their Dual Moving Magnet designs. It also has a very compact footprint in comparison to most other turntables, which is great for those without much space. Finally, it has an in-built phono preamplifier so there is no need for an external one.

If you're looking for an easy-to-use, compact turntable then you've found your match. The Audio Technica LP60x BT is for beginners and audiophiles alike.

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