Why You Must Look After Your Vinyl-Vinyl Revival

Should You Really Clean Your Vinyl Records?

Short answer, yes. Whilst vinyl is relatively robust, it has several things that you must be mindful of in order to maintain it's amazing ability to reproduce music in an atmospheric way. Many don't realise that dust particles are uncannily attracted to vinyl. Static electricity plays a big part in vinyl attracting unwanted elements that not only descend on your precious vinyl but sit in the grooves waiting for a stylus to track over them and embed them into the vinyl and create those clicks and pops that detract from the wonderful audio experience that we all enjoy.

At Vinyl Revival we have trams that pass by outside and they unfortunately are a major source of dust for us, as they use sand everytime they put on their brakes which can find its way into our store. Very hard grit is an enemy of vinyl and the stylus on your precious turntable. Sand grit and vinyl are not good company, the vinyl will lose every time.

That's why we recommend and sell an enormous amount of record cleaning equipment. The absolute minimum in protecting your records is to have a quality record brush and a stylus cleaner. Products such as the Pro-Ject Brush-It or the AM Velvet Brush and the Pro-Ject Clean-It stylus cleaner are mandatory to maintain the quality of your vinyl. These will quintessentially help you protect your precious vinyl. If your vinyl is dirty or you've picked up a classic album secondhand, a liquid cleaner such as the AM Record Cleaner or the locally-made Wax Wash Original Solution will help get those nasties out of the grooves. As well as all of these, there are vinyl cleaning systems such as the Project Spin Clean that make it easier and quicker to give your records a deep clean. Vinyl is a special listening piece that if it is looked after will reward you in spades.

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