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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - The First Born is Dead (WRN)


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The Firstborn Is Dead is the second studio album released by the post-punk band Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. It was first released in 1985. On this record, singer Nick Cave continued his fascination with the American South, with its references to Elvis Presley and bluesmen like Blind Lemon Jefferson. 



  1. "Tupelo" – 7:17 (Adamson, Harvey)
  2. "Say Goodbye to the Little Girl Tree" – 5:10 (Harvey)
  3. "Train Long-Suffering" – 3:49 (Cave)
  4. "Black Crow King" – 5:05 (Bargeld, Cave)
  5. "Knockin' on Joe" – 7:38 (Cave)
  6. "Wanted Man" – 5:27 (Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash)
  7. "Blind Lemon Jefferson" – 6:10 (Adamson, Bargeld, Harvey, Cave)

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