Cristian at Vinyl Revival with The CB3's new Ep 'Bunny Hop'

CB3 Release Their New EP 'Bunny Hop'

In April Cristian from CB3 graced us with his new EP 'Bunny Hop'
Released independently, Bunny Hop is a meandering journey of scintillating grooves, beats, bass and melodies at its impeccable, hook-soaked best. Drawing comparisons with the likes of fusion revolutionists Snarky Puppy, Horatio Luna, Vulfpeck, and The Roots, The CB3’s broad influences bind an offering that is equal parts unbridled and deliciously refined.
Collectively, international tours, festival headlines (Melbourne International Jazz Festival), sold-out launches (Howler, Melbourne) and head-turning collaborations (Leikeli47, Jessica Mauboy, Harts and Remi) are all business as usual for members of The CB3. Guitarist, frontman and leader of the pack, Cristian Barbieri is a credited member of acts including Billy Davis & The Good Lords, Thando and Benny Walker, and has featured onstage with the likes of GoldLink, Masta Ace, and more. Together as the conglomerate of Barbieri (guitar), Shand (bass) and Farace (drums), The CB3 have in each other found the one thing that others still kill for: a knack for not only the tune, but the feeling: one that permeates, captures and transforms.
We were lucky enough to have a small interview with Cristian when he came into Vinyl Revival which you can find below:

VR: Could you tell us who the other members in CB3 and how you came together?

C: When the previous band I was playing in broke up, I saw it as a great opportunity to finally do something I always wanted to do. Start an instrumental band. I love all music, but instrumental music has always been my primary love. It just resonated with me. Hence, I formed The CB3

I've known Tim (on the drums) for 18 years. We studied music together. He introduced me to Caleb (bass) around 8 years ago. The three of us have played tons of gigs together over the years with various bands and artists. We have a synergy you can only get after spending that much time in rehearsal rooms, airports, planes, vans and hotel lobbies. 

VR: Can you give us some context on its inspiration/how your record was born?

C: Most of my inspiration comes from other artists or songs as well as the ethos of making our trio sound as full as possible. Some artists that inspired this record are Miles Davis, D'Angelo, Earth, Wind & Fire and Chopin but I was also inspired by Charlie & The Chocolate Factory as well as a visual storyboard that exists only in my head. When I wrote the tunes, I knew I had to go to Choi (Ivan Khatchoyan from True Live, Cookin On 3 Burners and others). I've always loved the projects he's been in and have worked with him on a bunch of gigs too. I knew he'd be able to capture on record what I was hearing in my head. And, he did. He nailed it. 

VR: Do you have a favourite track off the album? Or one that is particularly special to you?

C: It's changed a lot from conception to completion. At the moment I'm really digging Teacups & Candy. I love the way each groove feels and all the sounds are on point too. It also features my uber talented wife Xani on violin!

VR: Do you have a turntable setup at home? If so, tell us about it!

C: Omg. I'm SO glad you asked. Yes, we have a setup. It was my obsession during lockdowns and I used it to distract me from how little I had to do in that time. It became unhealthy. Haha. I joined nerdy audio forums, classifieds, facebook groups, you name it. For hours a day I was researching what I wanted and what was available. This is going to sound pompous and hipster-y but I decided to go vintage, and you know what? I do NOT regret it. Even though vintage has gotten expensive, getting something new that is of equal quality will cost you three or four times as much. 

My setup is as follows:

Turntable: Pioneer PL-516X (1978)

Amp: Marantz 1180DC (1978)

Speakers: Yamaha NS-700X (1987. Originally made for Japan only a few found their way to Aus)

Those pieces are almost works of art. I love them so much and they sound incredible.

VR: What is the most treasured record in your collection? Or a record you have been searching for?

C: When Xani and I got married, we asked our guests to buy us their favourite album on vinyl. It's so awesome. We have a piece of all of our closest friends in our record collection. It's been so special listening to them all and such a beautiful thing for us to do together as a couple. There's way too many treasured pieces to pick one. I will say that we absolutely LOVE listening to old live recordings. There's just something about them on vinyl. You really get put in that room, sonically and emotionally. Stuff live at Montreux, Aretha Franklin at Fillmore West and Keith Jarret - Koln Concert are three that spring to mind. 

VR: Do you have any upcoming shows? If so, when and where can we catch you!

C: We have a residency in June, which will be every Sunday at Baby Snakes in Footscray with Jordan Dennis! It will be free entry, starting at 7pm and we will be kicking the show off with classic CB3 songs and a collaborative song with Jordan that will be released later in may. There will then be an inclusive jam that anyone can get involved in.

VR: Where can we find you online?

C: Search/follow/like the CB3 on instagram and facebook or head to

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