Cheese, Chocolates and Turntables. Ahh, the Swiss.-Vinyl Revival

Cheese, Chocolates and Thorens Turntables. Ahh, the Swiss.

There’s something to be said about Switzerland. Whether it’s the quality of their watches, their cheese or their chocolate, one thing is for certain. If it’s a product of Swiss thinking you can guarantee it’ll be good.

So it comes as no surprise that their highly sought after range of audiophile turntables kick arse too. These days manufacturing has moved to Germany; however, have you ever noticed that everything the German's build is boss too? Trade registered in 1883 – making it the oldest official hifi manufacturer in the world – Herman Thorens set about changing the face of music forever, and he did so with the first electric (direct drive) motor for gramophones in 1928. Then he went and did it again when he invented the first electric phono pick-up, employing the moving magnet principle. On ya Herman.

These days, there’s no difference to the innovative thinking that brought about so many important developments in the world of vinyl music, and Thorens’ range of meticulously crafted fully automatic and manual turntables continue to be highly sought after pieces in many an audiophile’s home setup.

If you’re the owner of a manual turntable then you’ll know full well the often idiotic failure of getting drunk in front of your turntable, falling asleep and not lifting the needle from the record. And while many an argument has been made as to the overall affect this inebriated act has on the condition of one’s needle, I think we can all agree it’s probably best not to do it – at least not that often. So the fact that Thorens offer one of the most extensive ranges of fully automatic turntables on the planet is a blessing bestowed upon us by the hifi gods themselves, and one we recommend investing in. Look, there’s not a whole lot involved in placing the tonearm over the edge of the record, dropping the bridge arm and repeating the process in reverse the when the record’s finished. But if that all sounds like too much work for you – and lets be honest, after a few drinks none of us can really be bothered with it – then fully automatic is your saving grace. Just pop the record on the platter, hit start and let the table do the rest. It’s that simple.

If you’re more of a traditionalist, don’t worry. Thorens have you covered there, too. Tonearms in their manual turntable range employ a (first of its kind) uni-pivot design, rolled aluminium tubing and carbide tipped bearing. Hi-tech schtuff that pretty much means it’s responsive as hell, dragging a tonne of information from those records of yours and providing exquisite playback.

With an extensive line-up of automatic and manual turntables that wouldn't be out of place in a 70's home with their fantastic Walnut finish, Thorens continue to deliver the goods. 


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