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5 Reasons Why Vinyl Is Popular Again

Vinyl records are consistently pushing through sales barriers and setting new sales records around the world. You may wonder why or how this is happening? We don't have all the answers, but these are the five factors we think that are contributing to the current resurgence of the beloved vinyl records.

1. We are dealing with something tangible. Going through the process of removing the vinyl from its sleeve through to being able to lift the stylus off the record creates a sense of involvement in the reproduction of the music. It allows us to be more present in the music experience and understand exactly what the artist was trying to create and convey to us as the listener.

2. Sound Quality. Due to technological advances since the decline of vinyl in the late 1980's, the turntable re-emerged with higher level performance for a more affordable price. We are now seeing turntables selling for $400 to $600 that sound better than the digital reproduction of a CD player and would have cost significantly more 30 years ago. Better tonearms, better cartridges, better motors, better platters, and better plinths are all contributing to a significantly improved vinyl playing experience.

3. No Loss Of Mobility. More and more artists are including a high-quality digital download as part of the vinyl purchase as a way to entice buyers. This means no second purchase is required to maintain listening on-the-go. Some analysts believe that this is what is fuelling the continued vinyl sales growth.

4.The Community. Record stores aren't just for shopping. They are a place to connect with other music listeners and interact with like-minded people. Digital downloads don't offer this. We enjoy establishing those connections, and even getting some new recommendations for artists we may not have otherwise discovered.

5.The thrill of the hunt. Vinyl collecting provides the unmatched experience of going on a mission to find that one elusive album. We dig through crates, search online, ask our friends, and once we find the album we've been looking for the joy is immeasurable. There is no better feeling, it drives that passion we all have for vinyl records and gives us a healthy relationship, adn story to tell, with each and every album we own.

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