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NOW CLOSED SUNDAYS (03) 9419 5070

Sugden Masterclass IA-4 Remote Volume Integrated Amplifier

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Sugden Masterclass IA-4 Remote Volume Pure Class A Integrated Stereo Amplifier 33 watts

The Sugden Masterclass IA-4 Pure Class A Integrated Amplifier is the largest and most powerful integrated amplifier in the Sugden family which takes advantage of the initial Sugden Class A output configuration.The Pure Class A solid state output stage equipped with greater power from a custom-built transformer and low impedance supply can project and fill an enormous holographic sound stage.

An extraordinary, organic, euphonic, acoustic performance, achieved by the integration of a state of the art preamplifier and the classic Sugden Class A output stage.The integrated system of pre-amplifier and power amplifier driven by individual power supplies enables the ultimate in musical performance.

Just listen - you will find it worth more than a thousand words.Despite the high power installed, Sugden have included a Moving magnet phono stage of extremely high quality.

Individually hand-made in England.


Inputs : Three line level, one tape, one Moving Magnet phono and one balanced.

Outputs : Variable pre-out, fixed out and loudspeaker out.

Volume Control : Remote control RC5 compatible.

Tape : Monitor and record off.


Input Sensitivity :125mV for maximum output.

Phono Input Sensitivity: 2mV Moving Magnet.

Power Output: 33 watts into 8 ohms both channels working.

Frequency Response : 14Hz to 200kHz +/-1dB.

Bandwidth : 6Hz to 300kHz +/- 3dB.

Signal to Noise : >84dB.

Nett Weight : 20kg.

Overall Dimensions (including terminals) : 165mm x 430mm x 440mm (HWD).

*Reprint from Manufacturers Website.