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Spendor A1 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

Spendor A1 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

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Introducing the A1

Compact design. Big sound. 

Each Spendor Speaker line is designed to reflect its character.  With Specific technical differences, the intention is to produce beautiful sound.

Adhering to the true definition of a bookshelf loudspeaker the A1 is the smallest model in the A-Line this closed box design can be positioned in any small space whilst preserving the Spendor A Line sonic performance that is energetic, engaging and fun.

Music remains tuneful and articulate even when the A1 is positioned close to a wall or in a small room. The A1 is easy to drive and it brings out the best from your amplifier.

About Spendor

Spendor design, engineer and build all their loudspeakers in the UK. Every Spendor loudspeaker is assembled at our production facility in South Yorkshire, with components and cabinets all refined through our own in-house R&D program.

Their loudspeakers are easy to set up, work perfectly with whatever Hi-Fi or Home Theatre equipment you have and transform the way you hear and enjoy every style of music or sound track. Their timeless, elegant design, which has evolved over five decades, makes them instantly and unobtrusively at home in any room. Best of all, they deliver a true, transparent and musical sound way beyond their price point.

Creating the perfect loudspeaker requires an understanding of the link between the technical measurements and what we hear. Captivating products require intense listening that is inspired by a passion for music. 


The goal of high-end loudspeakers is to deliver a clear, transparent sound. This is precisely so the infinitely subtle shades, tones and colours of the music itself can shine through, free of distortion, interruption and compromise.

We all experience music in a unique and personal way. It is an intense, immersive experience that engages the emotions and intellect, as well as the senses. Spendor loudspeakers reveal these details and subtleties that open new windows on the performance, and transform the way you connect with music – they bring music vibrantly to life.

Product Features 

  • 308mm tall and with a depth of only 186mm the A1 closed box design can be positioned in any small space or on a suitable stand, offering supreme flexibility.
  • With room friendly bass that is taut and controlled, smooth midrange and an extended treble, the A1 delivers a big, full bodied sound for its size.
  • Spendor’s proprietary 15cm EP77 polymer bass/mid cone produces a natural sound that is free from colouration and allows excellent detail to be heard at low and higher playing volumes.
  • Designed and Manufactured in the UK.

Technical Specifications


55Hz – 25kHz

8 Ohms

25-100 watts


H x W x D
308 x 165 x 186 mm



*This information has been obtained from Manufacturers website. We advice that Features & Specifications are subject change from Manufacturer without notice.



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