Sonos In-wall Speaker (Pair)

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Introducing Sonos In-Wall Speakers

Architectural speakers for ambient listening.

Sonos Architectural by Sonance

With a shared commitment to superior sound and great design, Sonos and Sonance have partnered on a collection of architectural passive speakers optimised for Sonos Amp.

These speakers are an excellent choice for anyone looking to integrate high-quality audio into their home with minimal visual impact, while benefiting from the advanced tuning capabilities of Sonos technology.

Sonos Optimisation and Control

When paired with the Sonos Amp, these speakers can utilise Sonos' proprietary technologies like Trueplay and Speaker Detection. Trueplay tunes the speakers based on the room's acoustics using measurements of how sound reflects off surfaces, optimising for the best listening experience.

Speaker Detection allows the Amp to recognise the connected Sonos Architectural speakers and apply custom DSP (Digital Signal Processing) for enhanced sound quality.

Intelligent Design

Sonos In-wall Speakers are discreetly designed for in-wall installation, providing a clean look with flush and bezel-less grilles that can be painted to match your environment.

Fine Tuned for your Space

These speakers are sold in pairs and are optimised for use with the Sonos Amp, which optimises the tuning to ensure a more robust and even frequency response.

Powering these speakers with Sonos Amp unlocks Trueplay in the Sonos app. This technology measures how sound reflects off walls, furnishings as well as other surfaces, then tunes your speakers for the best possible listening experience.

The Sonos system is also capable of integrating with a home automation setup, making it a versatile choice if you're looking to enhance you home entertainment system.  

When you enable Speaker Detect in the Sonos app, the custom DSP optimises the EQ, while limiter control enables even and consistent volume dynamics throughout the frequency range.

Amplify every Listening Experience

Whether you want music outdoors, immersive home theatre, or world-class multi-room audio, Sonos makes it easy to create the sound system you want.

Product Features

  • Designed to be powered by Sonos Amp
  • Amp powers up to three pairs
  • Wired speakers that require an amplifier

Technical Specifications

One high-excursion polypropylene woofer produces rich mid and low ranges

One-inch tweeter produces crisp high frequencies.

Frequency Response
44Hz - 20KHZ (±3dB)

Nominal Impedance
8 Ohms

89dB SPL (2.83V/1m)

This software measures the acoustics of the room then fine-tunes the speaker. Sonos Amp and supported iOS device required.

Power Handling
5 watts minimum
130 watts maximum

System Requirements
Amplifier (Optimised for use with Sonos Amp)
Speaker Wire (16ga or larger)

Height: 298.7 mm
Width: 199.9 mm
Depth: 89 mm

Height: 273 mm
Width: 176 mm

2.1 kg



In the Box

  • In-Wall Speakers by Sonos and Sonance (Pair)
  • Speaker Grilles (Pair)
  • Cutout Template
  • Installation manual
  • Legal/warranty information


*This information has been obtained from Manufacturers website. We advise that Features & Specifications are subject change from Manufacturer without notice.