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Ruark Audio R3S Connected Music System

Ruark Audio R3S Connected Music System

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Ruark Audio R3S Connected Music System 

Compact Design, Expansive Sound

Building on its successful iteration in 2023, Ruark Audio's R3 has evolved into the R3S. Despite the same striking aesthetics - handcrafted cabinet and vibrant O-LED display - the internal processor and components have seen a boost, leading to a smoother performance and a more captivating sonic character.

Driving the system is a dynamic High Fidelity amplifier combined with Ruark Audio's custom NS+ drivers and for R3S now included STEREO+ sound processing, developed for the limited edition R5 Signature. This creates a broader soundstage with depth and realism that extends way beyond R3S’s compact stature.

Whatever your taste in music, R3S will fulfil the needs of even the most discerning listener.

Music, Radio and Podcasts, Live and On-demand

R3S seamlessly connects to key streaming services such as Spotify Connect*, Amazon Music, and Deezer, while the Bluetooth 5 receiver offers superior sound quality and more efficient power-consuming connections.

Volume adjustments on your phone or tablet are reflected in the device's display. Additionally, with the SmartRadio tuner, the device grants access to a variety of national and international radio stations, as well as a Podcast source, and can be operated via the included RotoDial controller or IR remote. A free Android/iOS control app, Oktiv, is also available for further convenience.

*R3S will also support Spotify Hi-Fi when made available

CD Playback and Much More

CD is still a fantastic way to enjoy music and with its high specification player R3S allows customers to reconnect with their CDs and rediscover the fun of browsing cover art and the liner notes on the pull-out sleeves. Alongside standard CDs, R3S will also plays self-made CDs encoded with WAV and MP3 files and in addition displays track and artist information when the data is available on the disc.

Included on the rear panel is a USB-C playback and charge port, a headphone output and switchable analogue and digital inputs so devices such as a Turntable or TV can be easily connected.

For film buffs and lovers of bass orientated music, the line outputs can be switched so they can be used for connection to an active subwoofer. 

Product Features & Specifications

  • Multi-format slot-loading CD player
  • Spotify Connect*, Deezer and Amazon Music
  • SmartRadio with Internet/DAB/DAB+/FM tuners
  • New generation Bluetooth 5 receiver
  • Comprehensive dual alarms and sleep timer
  • Dedicated podcast source
  • Class leading audio with enhanced Stereo+ sound
  • Adaptive EQ provides ideal sound at all volumes
  •  Acoustically tuned handcrafted enclosure
  • Powerful high fidelity Class A-B stereo amplifier
  • Ruark NS+ neodymium full range drivers
  • Stereo+ sound processing
  • Adjustable bass and treble settings
  • Intuitive Ruark RotoDial controller
  • Remote control with direct access presets included
  • Presets to store favourite stations and playlists
    – 8 per source
  • Full control and search with free Oktiv control app
  • USB-C port for MP3 playback and phone charging
  • Switchable analogue and digital inputs for aux devices
  • Multilingual UI (EN, DA, NL, FR, DE, IT, NO, PL, ES, SV)
  • Analogue stereo output
  • Active subwoofer output
  • Headphone output memorises last used volume
  • Auto dimming high contrast display
  • Automatic standby after 20 minutess of inactivity
  • Dimensions:
    H167 × W420 × D220mm including RotoDial & aerial
  • Weight: 5.3kg

*R3S will also support Spotify Hi-Fi when made available
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