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REL HT-Air Wireless Transmitter

REL HT-Air Wireless Transmitter

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REL HT-Air Wireless Transmitter

Optional wireless transmitter for compression free wireless transmission of .1 LFE signal

Available in Black

There is wireless and there is REL wireless. Following in the footsteps of the Arrow™ and Longbow™ Wireless, HT-Air delivers much of the promise and connectivity of hardwired RELs with the placement flexibility and wow factor of great sounding wireless.

Designed for Serie HT and Compatible with all REL subwoofers including legacy models (Low Level or LFE only).

LFE or Low Level?

Getting premium home theatre sound doesn’t need to be complicated. We designed the HT-Air™ to be easy to set up in 3 simple steps.

  1. Using the included power supplies, connect the HT-Air™ Transmitter and Receiver.

  2. Next connect a single ended RCA from your receiver’s the subwoofer output to the HT-Air™ Transmitter, then connect HT-Air Receiver to the LFE input on HT/1205 or HT/1003.

  3. Pair them together and you’re done.

It’s that simple.

HT-Air is designed to leave old fashioned Bluetooth-based systems in the dust, delivery latency in the 16-20 millisecond range.

This permits owners to place their HT/1205 and HT/1003 where it works best, without resorting to unsightly cables being strewn across the landscape of your living room, all while retaining our category-leading super-fast wireless.


3 Year Warranty & Lifetime Warranty on Manufacturers Defects

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