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Pass Labs INT-25 Integrated Amplifier

Pass Labs INT-25 Integrated Amplifier

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Introducing the INT-25 Integrated Amplifier

Breathe life into your music with the INT-25 by from Pass Labs 

Pass Labs INT-25 Integrated Amplifier in silver, front

Pass Labs build Fet amplifiers with excessive output stages, huge heat sinks and massive power supplies.They use the highest quality components in simple linear topologies, assembled and tested with care and subtlety. They measure well, sound great, and are reliable. Twenty plus years of ongoing innovation have kept the X and XA amplifiers at the forefront of high-end audio.

The INT-25 embodies all this and less. A smaller stereo Class A amplifier at a lower price, it takes advantage of the lower power requirements to have simpler single-ended circuitry and fewer parts in the signal path. This also allows elimination of degeneration, “that other negative feedback” in all stages.

Simpler and fewer gain stages improves speed and stability. Lower voltages means the ability to run gain devices at higher bias currents, more deeply into Class A.

Newer power Fet technology replaces banks of parallel small transistors with a single pair of industrial devices, each having a 700 watt / 40 amp rating. With no current-hogging issues and a new constant-current bias circuit to compensate for temperature drift, they connect directly to the loudspeaker without ballast resistors for lowest possible distortion and highest damping factor.

No degeneration also increases the efficiency and Class A operating current, allowing greater Class A operation into low impedance and reactive loads.

The simple front end circuit uses two pairs of our favourite NOS complementary Fets in common-source mode in a current feedback (CFA) configuration. 

The preamp section is a simplified single-ended version of the one used in the INT-60 and INT-250 with three line level inputs and no line level output.

Everything done in the signal chain from the microphone to the loudspeaker, forever leaves an indelible mark on the music. The XA25 amplifier section is direct coupled requiring no DC servos or frequency compensation, neither adding too nor subtracting from the experience.

As with all Pass amplifiers, the technology and construction are strictly in the service of the listening experience. The INT-25 measures superbly, but its subjective qualities are most special. In an industry where products with great specs are often found to be dry and boring, this amplifier breathes new life into the music.

The Accolades Speak for themselves...

Recommended Components Fall 2023 Edition – Integrated Amplifiers

Stereophile Recommended Components – 2022

Best of 2021 Blue Note Award – “Enjoy the Music”
Enjoy the Music

Stereophile Recommended Components – 2021

Stereophile Recommended Components – 2020

“Philosophy of Subtraction Design This philosophy of “subtraction design” can be seen everywhere on INT-25. The pursuit of simplicity is beauty. Using a simpler gain amplifier stage can improve the response speed and work stability of the circuit. For voltage amplification, a higher bias voltage can be set, so that the amplification circuit is in a pure Class A working state. Of course, this simple pure class A amplifier circuit sacrifices output power. If you need more output power, Pass has many power amplifiers for you to choose from, but you have to pay several times the price to have it.”
Taiwanese Review from U-Audio

“INT-25 is essentially a Pass XA25 power amp—class-A push-pull without degenerative feedback and offering 25Wpc—wedded to a minimalist line-level preamp.”
Stereophile Recommended Components – 2022

“To HR, who prefers integrateds over separates yet wouldn’t even consider buying an amp with a built-in DAC—”Why would I pollute a fine audio component with a non-upgradable and possibly third-rate ancillary?”—the Pass INT-25 emerged as an ideal component.”
Stereophile Recommended Components – 2021

“In addition to the fact that it is designed and manufactured by Pass Laboratories, there are quite a few other reasons why the INT-25 is not an average integrated amplifier. Most notably, the INT-25 amplifier circuit is Class A. For the uninitiated, this is the most inefficient type of amp circuit there is. Very simply explained, most linear amplifier circuits are Class A/B, where they run in Class A at very low output, then kick into Class B for the majority of its operation.”
Best of 2021 Blue Note Award – “Enjoy the Music”

“Pass Labs INT-25 – CLASS A Review”

Technical Specifications 

A (integrated)


Gain (dB)

Volume Control (1dB steps)




Power Output /ch (8 ohm)
25 watts

Power Consumption (Watts)

Standby Power Consumption (W)

Dimensions (W x D x H)
43.18 x 44.13 x 15.24 cm

23.13 kg


*This information has been obtained from Manufacturers website. We advise that Features & Specifications are subject change from Manufacturer without notice.



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