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Onkyo - DX-C390M4 6 Disc Carousel CD Player

Onkyo - DX-C390M4 6 Disc Carousel CD Player

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Onkyo - DX-C390M4 6 Disc Carousel CD Player

Music lovers, rejoice!

You can get up to six discs with hours of music to set your life to. High-precision VQA (Vector Quantiser Audio DAC Technology) and 128 x oversampling will impress audiophiles who want the best CD playback they can get from a piece of equipment.

Others who are looking for convenience will love the fact that it can play 6 discs, has 6 repeat modes, can be programmed to play 40 tracks, and can change 5 discs while the last one is still playing. All will be amazed by the crystal clear playback, which is improved by our exclusive VLSC (Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry) for a smoother sounding audio signal and Direct Digital Path, a heavily shielded, high-quality cable that protects the delicate audio signal from noise made by the other circuits.

The DX-C390 comes in a sturdy case with a brushed aluminium front panel and is ready to play music for you for hours without stopping.

Design for a 6-Disc Carousel

With six bays, you can put in six discs at once. Even while one disc is playing, you can load and remove the other discs without stopping the playback. On the front display, there are icons that show the format of each disc you load.

The discs are easy to change because the loading mechanism is efficient and very quiet.

VLSC™ (Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry)

Normal D/A conversion methods can cut down on digital pulse noise at the conversion stage, but they can't get rid of it entirely. VLSC implements a unique D/A conversion circuit to overcome this difficulty. Between sampling points, data is changed, and these changes are combined with analogue vectors in real time to make a smooth output wave form.

The result is a nearly noiseless, smooth analogue signal based on the digital source that brings out even the most subtle details in music sources (like DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD), DVD Video sources (including high-definition), broadcasts, digital music files like MP3, and gaming content.

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