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Mobile Fidelity StudioDAC Digital to Analog Converter

Mobile Fidelity StudioDAC Digital to Analog Converter

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Introducing the StudioDAC

Seamless Integration at its Best

Designed in collaboration with Mytek Audio engineer Michal Jurewicz, made in the USA, and voiced by MoFi Electronics. The StudioDAC supports DSD, DXD, and full MQA decoding + rendering. StudioDAC leans on a low-noise clock generator and Apodizing Filter to recreate music with remarkable openess and purity. Partner with a streamer or computer via USB 2.0, S/PDIF, or Toslink and see the signals incoming format and resolution with the LED indicators to confirm bit-perfect playback.

The Essence of High Fidelity Audio

The StudioDAC is the embodiment of meticulous craftsmanship and uncompromised audio quality. With its multiple input options including USB 2.0, S/PDIF, and Toslink, the StudioDAC seamlessly integrates with various audio sources. The full MQA decoding and rendering capability ensures an authentic listening experience, especially for MQA-encoded tracks.

Advanced Technology for Pure Sound

At the heart of the StudioDAC is a low-noise precision clock generator, minimising jitter to deliver an unadulterated audio experience. The inclusion of an Apodizing Filter eradicates sharp-edged high frequencies and pre-ringing artifacts, producing a natural sound that closely mirrors the original analog signal. LED indicators provide intuitive feedback on the audio format and resolution, ensuring bit-perfect playback. Additionally, an outboard power supply is included, enhancing low-noise playback and offering opportunities for future upgrades.

Product Features

  • DSD, DXD, and 32-bit/384 PCM playback
  • Custom Designed and Manufactured in the USA
  • USB2.0, S/PDIF, and Toslink, inputs
  • MQA Decoder
  • Outboard power supply

Technical Specifications

Digital Inputs
1x Coax (S/PDIF), 1x Optical (TOSlink), USB B

D/A Converter

Sampling Rates
32/44.1/48/88.2/96/176.2/192/352.8/384 kHz

DSD Support (USB)
DSD64, DSD128

MQA Support
Full MQA decode + render by hardware

Bit Depth (USB)
16-32 bits

Bit Depth (COAX, Toslink)
16-24 bits

Frequency Response
20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.2db

Analog Out
1x Fixed Level Out (RCA)

Output Voltage
2.5 VRMS @ 0dbfs

<0.002% 20-20Khz

Dynamic Range
115dB (A-weighted)

>114dB (A-weighted)

Crosstalk @ 10KHZ

Output Impedance
75 Ohms (unbalanced)

<+/-0.25db @ -110db

Power Supply (external 100-240VAC)
+12 Vdc 3.3 Amp centre positive

Output Connector (external 100-240VAC)
5.5/2.5mm barrel connector

*This information has been obtained from Manufacturers website. We advice that Features & Specifications are subject change from Manufacturer without notice.


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