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KLH Model 3 Loudspeakers - Walnut (Pair)

KLH Model 3 Loudspeakers - Walnut (Pair)

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KLH Model 3 Loudspeakers in English Walnut 

The newest addition to the Model Collection: the stunning KLH Model Three loudspeaker.

This beauty is a compact bookshelf speaker that rivals the largest floor standing speakers. The Model Three’s two-way design continues the KLH acoustic suspension legacy of accurate, audiophile-quality performance.

This charming bookshelf speaker serves as the perfect solution for music enthusiasts with smaller listening spaces. Unlike other loudspeakers at this price point, listeners have the flexibility to place their Model Three’s closer to the wall than the average tower speaker. Or with even more convenience, you can fit your Model Three on a bookshelf!

Built on the acoustic suspension design principles made famous by KLH founder Henry Kloss, the KLH Model Three delivers a familial acoustic signature and musical integrity to its elder, the KLH Model Five.

KLH’s Chief Engineer, Kerry Geist, designed the new Model Three using modern-day advanced technology, the finest materials, and artisan craftsmanship to achieve the unimaginable: jaw-dropping low-bass extension, surprising mid-bass detail, and high-frequency accuracy, all from a small enclosure.

Audiophiles, do not let the size fool you. Whether your room is large or small, the music delivered from the Model Three will command your attention and connect you to the sound.  

Three Amazing Finishes

The KLH Model Three vintage speaker is offered in three gorgeous finishes (English Walnut, West African Mahogany, and Nordic Noir), allowing the loudspeaker to blend with all home decor.

The English Walnut Model Three comes with a beautiful Stone Wash Linen grille cloth that magnifies the rich finish of the real wood veneers.

Meanwhile, the West African Mahogany finish is complemented by an Old-World Linen grille cloth that will stop you in your tracks.

And lastly, the Nordic Noir finish is shipped wearing the lovely Medici Grey Linen grille cloth. 

Iconic Mid-Century Modern Styling

  • Acoustic Suspension Design – The most accurate and linear enclosure design available today
  • Three-Position Acoustic Balance Control to tailor the loudspeaker’s output for the most difficult acoustic environments
  • Non-Resonant Die-Cast Aluminium Woofer Frame
  • Machined Aluminium 1" Tweeter Faceplate
  • KLH cabinetry featuring a structurally reinforced ¾” MDF enclosure
  • Thirteen component network using high-quality iron-core inductors & Mylar capacitors
  • Each speaker includes its own 8 ̊ slant riser base made of powder coated 14-gauge steel
  • Low-profile magnet attached grille
  • 10-Year Warranty
10 Year Warranty Logo

The Reviews speak for themselves...

 “The Model Three always sounds taut, rhythmic and controlled, helping to connect with the music on an emotional level. I wanted to listen longer and rediscover all my old favorite pieces of music.” Mark Gusew, StereoNET

“Now with respect to sound quality, I’m not going to beat around the bush. Like the Model Fives, the Three’s are amazing.

They’re very much like a scaled down version of the Five in that the midrange and treble clarity is simply off the charts and largely without equal at this price point. Enjoyable across the widest range of music genres.

There is no denying that the Model Three is another win for KLH, and one that is easy for me to recommend- especially when your room and listening tastes align with its strengths.” Andrew Robinson

“I think the KLH Model Threes are one of the best deals and best-kept secrets in audio.” Robert Schryer, Stereophile

Model Three Awards

Technical Specifications

Frequency Response
46 Hz - 20,000Hz +/- 3dB

Low Frequency Extension
-10dB @ 35Hz

In-Room Sensitivity
88dB @ 2.83V / 1M

Free-field Sensitivity
85dB @ 2.83V / 1M

Power Handling
150 Watts / 600 Watts Peak

Recommended Amplification
30 Watts to 150 Watts

In-Room Maximum SPL

Maximum Output @45Hz

6 Ohms (3.7 ohm minimum @ 320 Hz)

Horizontal Dispersion

Three-Position Acoustic Balance Control

Crossover Frequency

High-Frequency Driver
1" Aluminium Dome with Soft Rubber Suspension

Low-Frequency Driver
8" Pulp-Paper Cone with Reverse Roll Rubber Suspension, 1.5"
Diameter Flat-Wire Voice Coil

Enclosure Material
Structurally Reinforced 3/4" Medium Density Fibreboard

Five-Way Gold-Plated Binding Posts


    28.25" (71.8cm) w/ Included Riser Base
    19.0" (48.2cm) w/o Riser Base

    12.25" (31.1cm)

    11.5" (29.2cm) w/ Included Riser Base
    10.5" (26.7cm) w/o Riser Base

      29Ibs. (13.2kg) w/o Riser Base
      36Ibs. (16.4kg) w/ Included Riser Base

      Included Accessories
      8° Slant Riser Base


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