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Denon DL-103 Moving Coil Cartridge

Denon DL-103 Moving Coil Cartridge

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Introducing the DL-103 Cartridge

Audio Excellence since 1963

Denon's classic cartridge, the DL-103, has been an industry standard for decades. Providing smooth response in many Hi-Fi systems, the DL-103 gives a pleasing sound and brings out the full detail of audio performances.

The legendary DL 103 moving coil phono cartridge was introduced in 1963, which became one of the longest running products in audio history. The DL 103, still used by broadcasters and audiophiles, spawned the development of outstanding MC cartridges that continue to be an indispensable component for music lovers, audiophiles, recording studios, sound professionals and musicians today.

Developed in collaboration with the Japan Broadcasting Corporation Technical Research Laboratories as a high performance, high reliability phono cartridge for broadcasting purposes, the Denon DL 103 has been in continuous production since 1963.

While other "wonder" cartridges have come and gone, the Denon DL 103 continues to thrive by offering musical rightness. There is no other cartridge that comes close to its legacy.

The Denon DL 103 phono cartridge has been in use for a long time in public and commercial AM and FM broadcasting stations. It was used by EMI and Decca as their reference for evaluating LP sound quality. It's been evaluated, reviewed and praised by many publications and end users.

It's been in constant production for nearly 60 years.

Along the way, it has captured the hearts and minds of technical experts, audiophiles and music lovers. It's a testament that greatness endures. This is what comes with your ownership of a Denon DL 103. It is a phono cartridge that you will enjoy for a very long time.

Technical Specifications

16.5 μm diamond spherical tip


Frequency Response
20 Hz – 45kHz

0.3mV at 50mm/s

Output Impedance
40 Ω

Load Impedance
100 Ω

Channel Separation
Over 25 dB at 1 kHz

5 x 10–6 cm/dyne (100 Hz)

Tracking Force
2.3 - 2.7g (± 0.3g)

8.5 g


*Information obtained from Manufacturers website

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