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Advance Paris X-CD7 CD Player

Advance Paris X-CD7 CD Player

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X-CD7 CD Player

Introducing the Advance Paris X-CD7 CD Player. It redefines your audio experience, combining exceptional performance with a sleek and timeless design. 

Key Features: 

High-Quality Playback
Immerse yourself in the music with high-fidelity CD playback. The X-CD7 ensures every detail of your CDs is faithfully reproduced for an authentic listening experience.

2Advanced DAC Technology
Featuring a premium digital-to-analog converter (DAC), this player transforms digital signals into rich, lifelike analog sound.

Smooth Disc Loading
The player's smooth and precise disc loading mechanism ensures minimal vibration, minimising any potential interference with your audio playback.

Versatile Connectivity
Connect to your audio system effortlessly with both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA outputs, accommodating a wide range of equipment and setups.

Intuitive Display
The user-friendly display provides essential track information and playback status at a glance.

Solid Build
Crafted with care, the X-CD7 features a robust chassis designed to reduce vibrations and resonance, preserving the purity of your audio.

Timeless Aesthetics
Its minimalist and timeless design ensures that it complements any audio setup, enhancing both your system's performance and visual appeal.

Custom Sound
Tailor your listening experience with adjustable tone controls, allowing you to fine-tune the sound and adapt it to your room's acoustics.

Technical Specifications

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