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Advance Paris X-A1200 Mono Power Amplifier

Advance Paris X-A1200 Mono Power Amplifier

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X-A1200 Mono Power Amplifier (Pair)

The X-A1200 mono power amplifier is designed to exceed the expectations of even the most demanding audiophiles.

This high-end device features a sophisticated and luxurious design that commands admiration. Its monophonic structure ensures no interaction between left & right channels, improving overall fidelity.

The X-A1200 boasts an oversized power supply, consisting of a 1VA toroidal transformer, two power diode bridges, 10 000μF capacitors & 10 high-current NJW0281G-NJW0302G transistors. This enables a peak RMS output of 450W at 8Ω & 700W at 4Ω. It also includes a rear-located switch for adjusting Class A bias mode.

The robust frame is both rigid & compartmentalised, providing galvanic isolation & a rational setup. The X-A1200 offers precise monophonic sound for an unparalleled listening experience, while its powerful components enable a peak RMS output of up to 700W at 4Ω.

Its frame offers galvanic isolation for maximum sound clarity, and its adjustable Class A bias mode allows for ultimate control of your audio.

Truly the perfect choice for the modern audiophile.

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