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Cayin CS-805A SET Integrated Valve Amplifier

Cayin CS-805A SET Integrated Valve Amplifier

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Introducing the CS-805A SET Amplifier

Beauty and warmth that cannot be understated.

The Cayin CS-805A integrated amplifier incorporates the renowned WE6SN7 output triodes for the voltage amplifier stage. In the driver stage, the amplifier employs exquisite 300B tubes to work in conjunction with the 805A output tubes.

In addition to the three pairs of line inputs, the CS-805A integrated amplifier features an extra pair of pre-inputs for seamless integration with an external preamplifier. This flexibility allows the CS-805A to be used as a power amplifier or easily incorporated into home cinema setups alongside AV processors.

The CS-805A amplifier features meticulously crafted point-to-point silver wiring, which ensures superior signal transmission and durability.

To facilitate easy adjustments, the amplifier is equipped with an on-board bias meter, allowing users to conveniently fine-tune the bias settings for optimal performance.

Additionally, the CS-805A offers the flexibility to adjust the negative feedback, enabling users to customise the sound characteristics according to their preferences.

Furthermore, the CS-805A boasts a high-quality headphone output that delivers exceptional sound characteristics. It is capable of driving most listeners with the utmost fidelity, offering an immersive listening experience that matches its distinguished status.

The CS-805A integrated amplifier simplifies the bias adjustment of the 805 tubes through its integrated bias display, allowing users to easily fine-tune the bias settings.

Additionally, the amplifier features a hum balance control that enables users to externally adjust the level of the 300B tubes, enhancing convenience and customisation.

The negative feedback value can be selected between 0 and -3dB using the remote control. This feature allows users to tailor the sound character of the amplifier to suit their unique listening preferences, ensuring a personalised and immersive audio experience.

The Cayin CS-805A offers different sound characteristics depending on the negative feedback setting. At 0dB, the amplifier delivers an open and fluid sound with ample detail. On the other hand, when set to -3dB, the playback becomes smooth, precise, and tightly controlled.

To safeguard the longevity of the tubes and sensitive components, the CS-805A incorporates soft start circuitry and high voltage delay. These protective features work in unison to ensure a prolonged lifespan for the amplifier.

The amplifier is equipped with easily accessible high voltage fuses that serve as a safeguard. In the event of a tube failure, the fuses react swiftly, providing immediate protection to the circuitry. The CS-805A is meticulously crafted with the finest point-to-point wiring technique, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Only high-quality components are employed in the construction of the CS-805A. This includes an Alps volume control, porcelain tube sockets, carefully selected capacitors, and carbon film resistors known for their exceptional audio quality. The amplifier features a large dimensioned toroidal transformer that guarantees a stable power supply, even during dynamic and impulsive musical passages. Furthermore, the CS-805A is equipped with EI output transformers that offer a wide bandwidth, facilitating optimal coupling with the connected loudspeakers and ensuring excellent audio reproduction.

Product Features

  • Alps volume control.
  • Porcelain Tube Sockets.
  • Audio grade capacitors.
  • Carbon film resistors.
  • Custom toroidal transformer for the power supply.
  • Ultra Wide bandwidth output transformer.

Comes standard with a custom made all-aluminium remote control, the CS-805A can also memorise the last operation settings of the unit once switched off - convenience built in!

Technical Specifications

Power Output
50W+50W (5%)

Frequency Response
20Hz~35kHz (-3dB)

0.5% (1kHz)

S/N Ratio

Input Sensitivity
300mV (Integrated) 1300mV (Pre-IN)

Input Impedance

Output Impedance

Max Power Consumption

6SN7*2, 300B*2, 805A*2

Working Condition

0 ° C ~ 40 ° C Humidity
20% ~ 80%

Storage Condition

-20 ° C ~ 70 ° C Humidity
20% ~ 90%

Aluminium Silver and Brushed Black

Dimensions (W × D × H)


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