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Audio Technica AT-VMN95EN Replacement Stylus

Audio Technica AT-VMN95EN Replacement Stylus

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Meet the AT-VMN95EN Replacement Stylus

From Audio Technica

The VM95 Series dual moving magnet cartridges can be used almost forever by replacing the interchangeable stylus.

It is no longer necessary to purchase a complete cartridge when your diamond is worn out, you can simply buy the matching replacement stylus, but also enjoy the experience of upgrading your cartridge with a different stylus.

Every cartridge diamond stylus becomes worn after a period of play. Around 500 hours for a conical stylus, 300 hours for an Elliptical stylus, 1000 hours for a Microlineiar stylus, and 800 hours for a Shibata stylus.

The six models of VM95 Series cartridges all use the same electromagnetic engine-body, therefore each of the six replacement styli are perfectly compatible.

Elliptical Nude Stylus

The elliptical nude stylus profile ensures improved tracking ability and higher fidelity compared to spherical stylus designs. The diamond tip is shaped like an ellipse, allowing for better groove contact and accurate reproduction of audio signals.

High-Quality Materials

The stylus is made using high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. The diamond tip is precision-cut and bonded to a lightweight cantilever, which is crucial for accurate tracking and minimal record wear.

Easy Installation

Installing the AT-VMN95EN stylus is a straightforward process. It simply slides into the cartridge body and locks securely into place. It is always recommended to handle the stylus with care during installation and use to avoid any damage.

Improved Sound Performance

The AT-VMN95EN stylus is designed to extract maximum detail and clarity from your vinyl records. It offers precise tracking, low distortion, and excellent frequency response, resulting in a more engaging and enjoyable listening experience.

Technical Specifications

Stylus Construction
Nude Round Shank

Stylus Shape


1 year limited warranty


*Information obtained from Manufacturers Website


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