New Record Player

Looking to buy a new record player? 

Vinyl Revival stocks a large range of brand new record players, also known as turntables.

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Does my record player come with speakers? 

 The simple answer is no, no it doesn’t. Despite popular opinion, due in large part to those cheap little suitcase things, record players do not come with inbuilt speakers. In fact, there are four separate components necessary for any record to make sweet sweet music, it’s just that the suitcase setup has them all wedged into one unit. Now it sounds appealing, at least considering its price. However, the sound quality is anything but. A moderate table alone starts at around 300 bones, a good one at 500, and rising from there you really start to appreciate the true value of analogue audio. But all that is for another time. For now, lets go through the basic set up and dispel a couple of myths. 


1. Turntable 2. Pre Amp3. Amplifier 4. Speakers