Collection: ProJect Audio Australia

Founded in 1991 by Heinz Lichtenegger in Austria, ProJect manufacture their turntables in the Czech Republic where clever designs deliver at all price points. ProJect Audio was almost singlehandedly was at the forefront of the revival of the turntable in the early 1990's.Their turntable designs allowed the music listener to experience at a budget price high fidelity analogue sound previously reserved for those with a substantial budget. Their budget turntables sound better than a CD player. They also provide a beautiful aesthetic with high gloss or timber finishes.
World famous for their exceptional value for money turntables, ProJect Audio also makes value for money electronics and speakers. The Pro-Ject Maia Series is born out of Heinz Lichtenneger's vision of having high quality compact HiFi components that perform to create hi fidelity and that minimises the space they require.
The range starts with amplifiers and CD player and extends to include streaming devices that are all in a compact format. Maia delivers tube-like sound. Whether it's a digital or analogue input a real musical sound quality with life-like performance that is guaranteed, the Maia Series is about having convenient high fidelity with style. The Maia Series sounds solid  and weighty and has a great deal of detail definition.