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Musical Fidelity launched their first hi-fi product in 1982 to rave reviews. Over the next 30 plus years they have become one of the best known brands in the hi-fi industry. Their founder,Anthony Michaelson, cut his design teeth on designing and building valve amplifiers in the 1970's for another company. 1984 brought the launch of the A1 integrated amplifier which today is considered a classic. Its rather unique design where the first 8 watts are output in Class "A" which has drawn comparisons to the sweetness of valve amplification. Musical Fidelity currently offers an exceptional range of high fidelity componentry with the M3 Series through to the M8 Series providing serious value for money high-end performance in amplifiers and other components.

The founder and designer of ProJect Audio turntables, Heinz Lichtenegger, someone who is largely responsible for the "vinyl revival" has purchased Musical Fidelity, an icon of the hifi amplifier and phono preamplifier industry, last year. Heinz has some exciting news about the release of new Musical Fidelity products and explains how MF customers have experienced great happiness with their products over the years.

Musical Fidelity - Vinyl Revival

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