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405 BRUNSWICK ST FITZROY (03) 9419 5070
405 BRUNSWICK ST FITZROY (03) 9419 5070
    Mag-Lev Turntables

    MAG_LEV Audio

    The Mag-Lev ML-1 turntable,whose platter is not only supported entirely by magnetic force,but it is also rotated by magnetic force has arrived in-store. This truly revolutionary turntable has no moving parts inside the turntable,no motors that spin the platter, making it a one of a kind music listening experience.

    The Mag-Lev ML-1 is a semi-automatic turntable that uses its unique levitation technology to isolate the record and platter from the customary motor vibration that the other turntable manufacturers strive to reduce in their designs.After turning on the turntable and placing a record on the platter, by moving the tonearm into position the platter's supporting feet retract as the platter starts spinning.Lowering the tonearm down onto the record commences playback and at the end of playback the arm automatically lifts off the record to preserve the stylus and record. Returning the tonearm to rest actuates the platter supporting feet and the platter stops spinning.

    Mag-Lev have incorporated the ProJect Audio 9CC tonearm which is made from carbon fibre and the support pivot has ball-race vertical and horizontal bearings.The tonearm comes pre-fitted with an Ortofon OM10 cartridge with eliptical stylus for optimal tracking and to minimise record wear. It truly is an experience seeing the Mag-Lev perform its magic levitation trick and hear the benefits of motorless vinyl playback.

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