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WiiM Pro Plus Wireless Audio Streamer Airplay 2 & Chromecast

WiiM Pro Plus Wireless Audio Streamer Airplay 2 & Chromecast

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WiiM Pro Plus  

Making any audio gear smart!

The WiiM Pro Plus lets you add high-resolution streaming to virtually any sound system. The high-performance DAC circuitry delivers rich, detailed sound that rivals streamers costing significantly more, so you can get the best out of music services like Qobuz, TIDAL, Spotify, and more.

It can also form part of a multi-room music system that allows you to add digital and analogue sources — like a turntable — with ease, thanks to its analogue input and analogue-to-digital (ADC) chip. And it all fits into an unobtrusive, compact component that you can place almost anywhere.

Multi room and stereo pairing

Playing music in your whole house is achieved with the perfect audio synchronisation and seamless device control via the companion App. With careful hardware, algorithm and software optimisation, we can achieve less than 150uS (0.00015s) synchronisation accuracy among speakers as long as the speakers are in the same wireless network. Thus, your speaker system can be located wherever your Wi-Fi network covers.

Gapless Playback

Precise gapless playback is important to your listening experience. With precise gapless playback, the playback timing is guaranteed to be identical to the source. It's not allowed to introduce gaps or overlaps (crossfading) between successive tracks. The gap will be very noticeable in " continuous " music such as live concert recordings, some classical music, etc.

Adaptive EQ

Breakthrough listening experience requires both high-res audio contents and high-quality playback device. When adaptive EQ is enabled, the music genre information and other tags included in the audio content are used to adjust the frequency in real time -either bringing rich audio to capture every music detail or making human voices clearer in the podcast.

Auto calibration of audio delay

The connected receiver or speaker may have different audio path latency due to different hardware, software, and DSP processing. To maintain the synchronization of each system, it's desirable to measure the audio path delay automatically. By leveraging the on-device microphone and proprietary algorithm, the entire audio path latency is measured automatically when it's connected to the receiver or speaker. The latency value will be used to maintain the perfect audio synchronisation in wireless multi-room playback with HomePod, Echo, Google Home or other WiiM devices.

Super easy setup

WiiM Pro will pop up automatically in the WiiM Home app. Follow the in-app guide and start streaming music in less than 2 minutes.

Unrivalled Sound Quality up to 192 kHz/24-bit

Diverging from the norm of resampling to set sample rate and bit depth, WiiM Pro stands out by delivering unaltered audio up to 192kHz, 24-bit quality. That's the same as an artist's recording in the studio. The advanced TI PCM5121 DAC produces a remarkable 106 dB SNR and an impressive -92dB THD+N performance.

The same great features as the WiiM Pro & WiiM Mini, as well as:

  • Better ADC for Line Input - TI Burr-Brown Audio PCM1861 ADC, for 192kHz/32-bit digital output, 110 dB SNR
  • Ultra-low Noise Clock, Power, and Circuit Design - achieves less than –110dB THD+N
  • AKM DAC & TI OP AMP for Better Line-Out Audio Quality
  • New generation AKM 4493SEQ premium DAC with AKM's Velvet Sound Technology
  • Supports up to 768 kHz PCM, and DSD512, with PCM/DSD automatic switching
  • Achieves 120 dB (A-wt) SNR, THD+N of 0.00032% (-110 dB) from 44.1k to 192k
  • WiiM Voice Remote Control included

Full Feature Set

  • Supports Hi-Res audio up to 192 kHz/24 bit
  • Wireless Multi-room audio - group multiple units for a connected system
  • Spotify Connect & Tidal Connect
  • Airplay 2
  • Ethernet connection
  • Chromecast Audio
  • Alexa Multiroom with UHD
  • Group with Nest speakers and Display
  • Line-in & Optical audio inputs
  • Line-in & Optical audio inputs
  • Line-out, Optical & Coax audio outputs
  • Dual band WiFi & Bluetooth 5.0
  • Super easy setup with the WiiM Home app
  • Works with Siri & Alexa smart devices
  • Group with Homepod & Amazon Echo devices
  • USB power adaptor and USB-C cable included

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