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Denon DL-110 Moving Coil Cartridge

Denon DL-110 Moving Coil Cartridge

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Introducing the DL-110 Cartridge

Hand spun in Japan

Developed using Denon's state of the art MC cartridge manufacturing know how, the Denon DL 110 DL110 is a moving coil cartridge capable of producing a high output of 1.6 mV which is equivalent to the output of Moving Magnet (MM) phono cartridges. The Denon DL 110 phono cartridge can thus be directly connected the MM phono input of your amplifier or receiver without the need for a step up transformer, head amplifier or pre preamp.

The DL110 phono cartridge uses a special elliptical stylus with a rectangular cross section of 0.1 x 0.2 mm. It reaches deep into the record groove to extract detail while bypassing groove wall beaten and shorn by age, misuse and misalignment. You'll probably be surprised by how quiet your LPs sound.

Proper setup is very important with the Denon DL 110 phono cartridge. Take the time to get it right and you'll be rewarded with its naturally sweet tonal balance, ambience, quick transient response, and exquisite articulation.

If you've been wondering why many have been captivated by moving coils, the Denon DL 110 will offer you many positive reasons why.

Product Features

Technical Specifications


Frequency Range
20 Hz – 45kHz

Output Voltage
1.6 mV 

Output Impedance
160 Ω

L/R Sensitivity
within 1 dB

L/R Separation
more than 25  dB

Electrical Impedance
160 Ω

Stylus Tip
0.1 x 0.2mm special elliptical diamond

Stylus Force
2.5g - 2.1g

Load Resistance
more than 47kOhms

4.8 g


Information obtained from Manufacturers website

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