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Cambridge Audio CXA61 Black Integrated Stereo Amplifier black

Cambridge Audio CXA61 Black Integrated Stereo Amplifier black

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The CXA61 Black Integrated Stereo in  Amplifier black

Half a decade after the CX range redefined performance at its price point, it’s time to reimagine, reengineer and reinvigorate. The all-new CXA61 and CXA81 integrated amplifiers build on the foundations laid (and the Awards won) by CXA60 and CXA80, but with a fresh and progressive perspective.

The CXA61 is designed to bring you closer to the music you love. It’s designed to put you right at the heart of your favourite recordings, telling you the story of every note in the most natural, most effortless, most detailed way imaginable. Analogue or digital, lo-fi or hi-res, the CXA61 lets the music take you where you want to go.

The CXA61 has been engineered, refined and finessed with only one objective in mind: to deliver the most thrillingly musical sound you’ve ever experienced. Every choice of component, and every engineering decision, has been made in order to minimise colouration of the sound and maximise its accuracy. Cambridge Audio has drawn on every one of its 50 years of experience to make the CXA61 its most accomplished integrated amplifier yet.

Because it’s designed to deliver the maximum musical experience no matter where the music is coming from, the CXA61 has an entirely reengineered digital board featuring the industry-standard ESS Sabre ES9010 K2M digital-to-analogue convertor. The CXA61 can bring digital audio files up to state-of-the-art 32bit/384kHz and DSD256 resolutions vividly to life, combining convenience with performance in a way unheard-of until now.

An oversized toroidal transformer gives the CXA61 a muscular 60 watts of power for each channel. Painstaking engineering gives it super-low levels of distortion and supreme electrical efficiency. The result is an amplifier with limitless reserves of power, ready to maximise the dynamic potential of any loudspeakers and able to play at any volume level without stress or distortion.
    • High Quality DAC - Connect digital sources directly via TOSLINK and Coaxial
    • Bluetooth aptX HD built in for a high quality wireless connection
    • 4 x RCA Analogue connections for all your sources.
    • USB Audio Input accepting up to 32bit/384kHz & DSD 256 digital files from Mac or PC


    With the CXA61 Cambridge’s engineers have specified a new DAC chip. It’s now an ESS Sabre SE9010K2M DAC rather than the Wolfson 8740 of the previous model. This means it is now compatible with 32-bit/384kHz PCM files and up to DSD 256 data streams. Bluetooth is now built-in too, and it’s of the better aptX HD (24-bit/48kHz) variety.

    The engineers have improved sound quality by changing most of the op-amps in the signal path and upgrading the capacitors in both the pre and power sections of the amp. While still recognisably related to the older CXA60 amp, this new one sounds more transparent and playful. It’s simply more fun to listen to, regardless of input chosen. It has enough in the way of scale and authority to work well. There’s plenty of punch when required, with the amplifier thumping out an album’s numerous dynamic peaks with conviction.It has a nicely judged tonal balance that walks that delicate path between attack and refinement. It digs up low level details with ease and renders them with care and conviction. Stereo imaging is impressive, with the amp able to place sounds and instruments with precision and stability. 

    The CXA61 ticks all the hi-fi boxes without forgetting that all the detail and tonal neutrality in the world doesn’t matter if the emotional content of the music is ignored.With music that's uptempo or fun it all starts with the bass. It’s not overcooked or bloated, and it doesn’t dominate. But it has a ridiculous amount of energy and a kick that’s a true joy to listen to.The sound signature extends well into the other parts of the sound spectrum, too. Mids - where you’ll find elements like vocals and guitars - are warm and engaging.  You'll also be impressed with the high-end too, which offered a staggering amount of texture and realism.

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