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B&W CDA-16 Power Amplifier

B&W CDA-16 Power Amplifier

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  • 405 Brunswick St Fitzroy
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Introducing the CDA 16

Don't Look.  Listen.

Step into a world of crafted sound sophistication with the Bowers & Wilkins CDA-16 Distribution Amplifier - a game-changer in audio technology designed to amplify and distribute sound with unparalleled efficiency and quality.

Recognised for its top-tier performance, this powerful 16-channel distribution amplifier is engineered to drive an assortment of in-wall or in-ceiling custom installation loudspeakers in up to eight rooms simultaneously, making it nothing short of a powerhouse in a compact frame.

Exemplifying Bowers & Wilkins' commitment to quality, the CDA-16 can push any Bowers & Wilkins custom installation speaker to new peaks of performance.

The incredibly flexible design not only offers 16 channels of power but can also transform your home into an audiophile's paradise while maintaining minimal spatial footprint owing to its sleek 1U design.

Beyond its compact form factor, the CDA-16's capabilities don't stop at standard stereo channels; its configurable specification allows for bridging into more potent mono outputs, amplifying its duty to deliver indomitable sound.

With audio specifications that exceed expectations, an impressive signal to noise ratio, and a frequency response that ensures accuracy, the B&W CDA-16 Distribution Amplifier is built to blow the mind of the most discerning audiophile.

Ready to be amazed yet? Step into the world of refined audio with the exceptional power and unmatched flexibility of the Bowers & Wilkins CDA-16 Power Amplifier.

Key Features

16 Channel Power
With the ability to drive up to16 channels, the CDA-16 Distribution Amplifier is engineered for impressive, immersive audio across multiple rooms.

Compact and Efficient
Housed in a 1U compact design that is as sleek as it is hardy, the CDA-16 provides an impressive power output while maintaining a minimal spatial footprint.

Versatile Bridging
This advanced distribution power amplifier allows for bridging of its Class D stereo channels into more potent mono outputs, ensuring versatility for all your audio needs.

Top-of-the-Line Specifications
With a frequency response from <10Hz to >50kHz, a signal to noise ratio of >100dB and total channel power exceeding 400W, this distribution amplifier showcases top performance in every sector.

Easy to Control
The CDA-16 comes with easy-to-use control features including 1 power LED, 8 zone status LEDs, 8 x 2-position DIP switches and a 3 position power mode switch.

Custom Installation
Giving you automation and control across up to eight rooms simultaneously, this amplifier offers an unprecedented scope for custom audio setups.

Unmatchable Sound Quality
Amplify any Bowers & Wilkins custom installation speaker to its highest potential with the CDA-16, pushing boundaries of performance and delivering exceptional audio quality.

Space Efficiency
With its streamlined design and compact size, this amplifier fits snugly in any room, making it an ideal choice for those keen on utilizing space without compromising on audio power.

Advanced Configuration
With the capacity to handle and enhance both stereo and mono outputs, the CDA-16 offers more scope to tailor your sound to your liking, all the while ensuring minimal room intrusion.

Exemplary Precision
Built for the discerning audiophile, the CDA-16 boasts incredible precision with advanced channel management, impressive signal to noise ratio and outstanding frequency response, satisfying the highest audio standards.

Direct Control
With an array of user-friendly controls situated on the front and rear panels, you're given direct control of your amplified sound, ensuring seamless operation.

Technical Specifications

Amplifier Type

Distribution Amplifier

Number of Channels

16 Channels

Output Power per channel

>50W into 8Ω; >100W into 4Ω

Output Power total, all channels

>400W short term;>200W continuous average

DC offset voltage


Frequency Response

<10Hz to >50kHz, any load impedance

Frequency response accuracy

20Hz-20kHz ±0.5dB

Signal to Noise ratio

>100dB A-Weighted


typically 0.05%

Voltage Gain

34.9dB to - infinity, adjustable

Input impedance


Maximum input voltage

6.8V peak (4.8V rms sine wave)

Signal sense threshold

2.5mV (independent of Gain setting)

Wake-up time

<0.2s (If other zones active)<2s (From all zones inactive)

Turn-off time

15 minutes from last signal detected

12V trigger input threshold

typically 3V (recommended input is 5-15V)

Front panel

1 x Power LED (unit active – White, Fault – Red)8 x Zone status LEDs (Signal present – White, Fault – Red)

Rear panel

8 x 2-position DIP switches (link to global input)1 x 3-position switch (power mode: on, auto detect, 12V trigger)8 x input gain control with Clip indicator LEDs

Input Connectors

8 x RCA (pair) Phono socket, line in (global in shared with Zone 8)

Output Connectors

1 x RCA (pair) Phono socket (global out)8 x 5.08mm Pitch 4-way Phoenix Combicon style

Power consumption

<0.5W All zones inactive<45W All zones idling300W maximum average1,000W peak

AC supply

100-240V 50/60Hz AC inlet IEC C14, switched

Thermal dissipation

1.7 BTU/hr (standby),150 BTU/hr (Idle),400 BTU/hr (max)


44.5 mm (1.8in) 1U [55.5 mm (2.2in) plus feet] x 437 mm (17.2in) x 310 mm (12.2in)

Net weight

44.5kg (9.9lb)





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