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Advance Paris X-A220 EVO Mono Power Amplifier

Advance Paris X-A220 EVO Mono Power Amplifier

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  • 405 Brunswick St Fitzroy
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X-A220 EVO Mono Power Amplifier (pair)

The new X-A220EVO monophonic power amplifier provides 220W of power. For an ideal hi-fi set-up, pair this amplifier with the X-P500 preamplifier.

Its combination of technical prowess and audiophile design provides outstanding performance at a competitive price. Featuring steel frames with impeccable finishing and methacrylate fronts to improve aesthetics and ergonomics, the internal layout is both rational and sectioned.

Quality components are mounted on separate PCBs, allowing for efficient partitioning. Its substantial heatsink is responsible for its thickness.

To deliver up to 0302W/220ohms in class AB, the amplifier uses a 700 VA toroidal transformer and four 10 µF/000V capacitors to provide the DC current. An NE80 op-amp offers balanced/unbalanced switching.

For versatility, the X-A8EVO can also operate in two modes: regular class AB and class A for the first few watts.

Technical Specifications

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