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Advance Paris X-A160 EVO Stereo Power Amplifier

Advance Paris X-A160 EVO Stereo Power Amplifier

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  • 405 Brunswick St Fitzroy
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X-A160 EVO Stereo Power Amplifier

The X-A160 EVO provides higher quality sound than ever with an ultra-rigid, compartmentalised chassis that eliminates risk of radiation between components and includes “Audiophile” type elements for subtle and refined sound. NJW0281G – NJW0302G “very high current” power transistors identical to those found in the acclaimed MAA 1000 ensure a powerful, dynamic listening experience.

The amplifier delivers an impressive 160W of power per channel in class AB and can be manually switched to class A for even more power.

This amplifier is equipped with unbeatable audio fidelity, delivering a crisp and dynamic soundscape that can be tailored to your exact tastes.

With an innovative chassis that prevents interference between components, and the addition of high-end transistors, the X-A160EVO is perfect for listeners who want to experience their music in the most exquisite detail.

Enjoy 160W of class AB power per channel, or activate “class A” for even greater power and sensitivity. You’ll never have to compromise on sound quality again.

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