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Advance Paris MyConnect 60 All-In-One-System

Advance Paris MyConnect 60 All-In-One-System

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MyConnect 60 All-In-One-System

...Simply the best compact system

The MyConnect 60 is an audiophile "All in one" which includes a 2x60W amplifier, a wifi and ethernet network player, an FM tuner, a DAB+ tuner, a CD player, a USB player and a Bluetooth receiver.

In order to offer music lovers optimum musical reproduction, our engineers have chosen to integrate a class AB amplifier, thus synthesising the best of class A and class B together. This singular choice for an integrated product guarantees a very high quality of sound reproduction.

Most competing products are class D. The amplifier is the heart of your high-fidelity system, it is he who has the difficult task of “driving” your speakers, extracting their quintessence.

It must provide neutrality, detail, dynamics and clarity of the sound message. The choice of class AB turned out to be obvious. The MyConnect 60 incorporates a network audio player. You can play your own music (PC/MAC, NAS), enjoy streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Qobuz, Tune-In, etc. Listen streaming services, Internet radio via TuneIn, iHeart radio and others, Airplay and your music from your smartphone or tablet and other media.

The possibilities are limitless.

Product Features

The MyConnect 60 is compatible with MM reels from turntables.


The MyConnect 60 is SPOTIFY Connect compatible. You can choose your amplifier as a music streamer directly in the SPOTIFY app.

Find your FM (analogue) and DAB (digital) radios thanks to the radio tuner included in the MyConnect 60.

  • 2 x 60W @ 6 ohm Class AB amplifier
  • Wi-Fi / Ethernet network player; CD player
  • Supports Spotify Connect, Deezer, Tidal, Qobuz, Tune-In, etc
  • 3x analogue (inc phono MM), 2x optical + 1x coax inputs
  • Bluetooth; FM / DAB+ tuner
  • Pre-out (fixed/variable); Subwoofer out
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