Technics’ newly developed flat coaxial two-way speaker unit combines a tweeter for high frequencies and a woofer for mid-range and bass. Because the tweeter is at the centre of the woofer, the speaker acts as a point sound source, providing a coherent, integrated sound across the frequency range, without directional anomalies. As a result, the Technics Speaker System deliver a live superb soundstage focus, excellent imaging and the ambience required to deliver the ‘live music’ experience.

Phase Precision Driver
(Flat Coaxial 2-Way Speaker Unit)

Illustration for structure of speaker unit
The flat coaxial two-way speaker drive unit is an original Technics development, designed for the faithful reproduction of mid-range and high-frequency sound. The flat woofer diaphragm has a sandwich-structure using lightweight, high-rigidity carbon fibre skins and a honeycomb core, and is designed for a highly accurate pistonic motion over a frequency range extending beyond the crossover frequency with the tweeter, thus ensuring smooth integration.
The flat design eliminates the frequency anomalies due to the cavity effect caused by conventional cone diaphragms, while the magnetic circuit employs a large magnet, copper cap and shorting ring, and a short voice coil with concentrated edgewise winding for high power with low distortion. The drive unit chassis is in highly rigid die-cast aluminium, with the chassis ‘legs’ having a resonance dispersing structure to eliminate even the smallest unwanted vibration, to help the drive unit deliver accurate and powerful bass.

High Rigidity Entasis Form Cabinet

Illustration of Point Sound Source Speaker System
The SB-C700 cabinet is designed to support the Point Source drive units securely, preventing unwanted resonance and ensuring a smooth flow of sound without diffraction or reflection. The front baffle is designed for maximum stiffness and resonance-damping, while the side panels are convex high-rigidity boards with a maximum 42-mm thickness, designed to damp down resonance while also preventing internal reflections.
The monocoque cabinet offers high rigidity, as each side of the cubic structure reinforces the adjacent panels. This reduces unwanted resonance by controlling the movement of the individual panels, as well as that of the structure as a whole, while internal acoustic absorbent material was selected, and its position optimised, to suit both a drive unit and the cabinet volume, thus suppressing undesired standing waves.
The bass reflex port on the rear panel is of a ‘parabola’ design, its curvature continuously varying from the inlet to the outlet to suppress turbulence at the exit as well flow-noise within the port, thus delivering smooth and powerful bass sound with minimum noise.
The glossy cabinet is created by repeated coating, sanding, polishing and finishing with a high degree of craftsmanship. This creates a cabinet not just attractive to look at, but also able to suppress fine vibrations generated at the enclosure surface, thus contributing to the accuracy of its sound.

High Quality Network Circuit

The High-quality Network Circuit was created as a result of extensive designing and listening, in order to maximise the performance of each speaker unit and achieve a balanced sound. To prevent interference between the drive units and minimise the effect of vibration, separate network boards for woofer and tweeter are optimally arranged inside the cabinet.

Ultra Wide Range Reproduction

The Technics Speaker System is capable of reproducing sound over the ultra-wide frequency range of up to 100 kHz to deliver the vast frequency spectrum offered by high-quality, high-resolution music sources. The result is a faithful reproduction of audio signals with all nuances intact.


Photo of Point-Sound-Source Speaker System SB-C700

Size and Weight

Height: 336mm
Width: 220mm
Depth: 286mm
Weight: 8.5kg (including net and terminals)

Point-Sound-Source Speaker System

Phase Precision Driver (Coaxial Flat 2-way Speaker Unit)

High-quality Network Circuit

High Rigidity Entasis Form Cabinet

Ultra Wide Range Reproduction

Magnet Fixed Fabric Grille

Emotive Acoustic Technology

  • Point-Sound-Source Speaker System
    Ultra Wide Range Reproduction
    Phase Precision Driver (Coaxial Flat 2-way Speaker Unit)
    High-quality Network Circuit
    High Rigidity Entasis Form Cabinet

Technics Definitive Design

  • White High Gloss Finish
    Entasis Form Enclosure
    Magnet Fixed Fabric Grille


  • Coaxial 2-way 2 Speaker Bass Reflex

Speaker Unit

  • Woofer / Tweeter:
    Coaxial 16-cm Flat Type x 1 / 1.9-cm Dome type x 1

Crossover Frequency

  • 2.5 kHz

Frequency Range

  • 40 Hz - 100 kHz (-16 dB), 45 Hz - 80 kHz (-10 dB)

Sound pressure level

  • 85 dB / 2.83 V (m)


  • 4 Ω

Input Power (IEC)

  • 50 W (Rated), 100 W (Max)

Dimensions (W x H x D)

  • 220 x 336 x 286 mm (including net and terminals)


  • Approx. 8.5 kg (/pc)